Introduction to Financial Markets & Banking

Develop a thorough understanding of banking and finance, online banking, mutual funds, accounts, and more.

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IITM Pravartak Technologies Foundation is a section 08 Company housing the Technology Innovation Hub on Sensors, Networking, Actuators, and Control Systems (SNACS). We are committed to transforming the frontiers of knowledge. Our start-up ecosystem is the nurturing space of brilliant professionals, Innovative entrepreneurs, curious young talent, and inquisitive students. With world-class infrastructure, equipment, and experienced mentors, we have everything to offer for the technology hungry brains.

About Infact Pro Trainers

Infact Pro Trainers is a strategic initiative which has been set-up to cater the manpower requirement and upskilling of the exponentially growing Financial sector in India. It has also been significantly contributing to the BFSI sector in the sphere of training of existing BSFI professionals.

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IIT-M Pravartak, Technology Incubation of IIT Madras and Digital Skills Academy, Center for Outreach and Digital Education, IIT Madras

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